Leading the cutting edge of permissionless blockchain innovation around the world.

blocktech is an international blockchain venture studio guided by the leadership of Nick Spanos. Our origins date to the founding of the Bitcoin Center in New York City, the world’s first physical cryptocurrency exchange, located right next to the New York Stock Exchange. At the Bitcoin Center, we taught thousands of students, journalists, technologists, and finance professionals about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Now, through the development of our own projects and proprietary technologies, we are expanding and pioneering permissionless blockchain innovation all around the world.

Our projects include:

Bitcoin Center

The world’s first brick and mortar crypto exchange

Zap Oracles

Connecting real world data to the blockchain


Secure blockchain based elections


Smart contract solutions for the oil and gas industry

Blockchain Courses

Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin 101, held all day on Saturday and Sunday, introduces students to bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology, and includes a broad discussion of the history of digital money, as well as an overview of the cryptography that makes it work (including hashing, mining, mining algorithms, etc.) We’ll also set up students with their first Bitcoin wallet and give them practical experience first sending and receiving cryptocurrency. Participants who successfully complete this course receive a certificate issued by Bitcoin Center NYC.

Intermediate Blockchain Course

Intermediate topics in blockchain technology, held the following Monday through Friday, takes students through a deeper dive into cryptocurrency trading, online exchanges (Cryptopia, HitBTC, Coinbase, Gemini, Binance), proof of work, proof of stake, hash chain, Merkle trees, SHA-256, and an introduction to Ethereum, EOS, Rootstock, Litecoin and initial coin offerings, as well as cold storage and physical wallets. Participants who successfully complete this course receive a certificate issued by BlockTech LLC. (Successful completion of Bitcoin 101 is a prerequisite for taking this course.)

Advanced Bootcamp

Our intensive blockchain programming bootcamp is a seven day follow up to the previous two courses intended for computer science students with prior programming experience. It includes training in Solidity, Node JS, writing smart contracts, and developing oracles and decentralized applications, interchain operability, and multibranch blockchains.

Blocktech Hubs

blocktech hubs promote education about decentralization, foster a culture of peer to peer cryptocurrency trading, and build transformative communities and a culture of permissionless blockchain innovation


Our Beginnings

History of Bitcoin Center NYC

Choose the level of engagement that is right for you.

Venture Studio

Supporting Developers and Entrepreneurs as they build decentralized applications.

Customized Courses

Stimulating Creativity through personalized and intensive instruction for forward thinking corporate clients.

Innovation Consulting

Catalyzing blockchain integration at legacy institutions.

Community Building

Gathering like-minded visionaries who are creating a more decentralized future.