BlockTech, since 2013

A Proven record of innovation and thought leadership.

BlockTech is a cryptocurrency development studio dedicated to catalyzing innovation in the blockchain space. Brought to you by the same team behind Bitcoin Center NYC, founded in 2013 as the world's first cryptocurrency exchange.

We just invented the wheel and soon we will have the train, the car and the airplane. We are going to have all these things come about through the blockchain.

Nick SpanosCEO of Blocktech, Founder of Bitcoin Center NYC

Vote Watcher

Secure Blockchain Based Voting

Bitcoin Center

The first physical crypto exchange

Zap Oracles

Connecting Real World Data to the Blockchain

Energy Ledger

Smart Contract Solutions for the energy industry

If you wish to embrace cryptocurrency, you must find the earliest adopters.

5 years ago, we turned to cryptocurrency as a means of distributing power and democratizing information and capital.  We believe in a world in which people, not governments or corporations have the power.

Today Blockchain Technology is revolutionizing legacy systems in finance, governance, supplychain, law and we are only getting started.  Join us in creating a better future today.
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History of Bitcoin Center NYC

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Venture Studio

Supporting Developers and Entrepreneurs as they build decentralized applications.

Customized Courses

Stimulating Creativity through personalized and intensive instruction for forward thinking corporate clients.

Innovation Consulting

Catalyzing blockchain integration at legacy institutions.

Community Building

Gathering like-minded visionaries who are creating a more decentralized future.

Whitepaper Writing

State of the art Whitepaper Writing Services for Blockchain Startups

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