The Decentralized Library of Alexandria is an open-source standard in active development to allow users to publish and distribute original content themselves, from music to videos to feature films, 3d printable inventions, recipes, books and just about anything else. It is a unified, ever-growing library of art, history and culture which users interact with through a variety of front end apps. A native browser is in continuing development, but the Alexandria standard can also be used by other open source developers and even current industry incumbents like YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes and Netflix to offer a far superior value proposition to content providers and a better experience for users than currently available.

The Alexandria platform is an amalgam of two blockchains and one distributed hash table (DHT), specifically, the Bitcoin and Florincoin blockchains and the Inter-Planetary-File-System (IPFS) DHT. These three “layers” each perform an essential function of the Alexandria standard: payment processing between audiences and artists is handled with Bitcoin, the library’s index is permanently stored in the Florincoin blockchain, and content storage and distribution is facilitated with IPFS.

What Bitcoin did for money, Alexandria will do for digital content publishing and distribution by removing central points of failure and financially incentivizing users around the world.

Alexandria v0.5.1 Alpha Demo Walk Thru:

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